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We’re in the midst of a catastrophic failure of the Health Care and Medical System world wide. It’s deeper than a poor response to a Global Pandemic. The issues start in the plans to falsify and cover up information to miseducate our health practitioners. This miseducation has resulted in the surrender of our natural intelligence and physical autonomy to Medical Professionals unable to process new information to make intelligence decisions or advise us about our health.

We need truly innate Health and Wellness Practitioners who are dedicated to understanding the needs of the human body and how to best make it thrive. This includes health and wellness doctors, nurses, educators, and experts willing to teach, advise, broadcast, and explain the vital lost arts of healing to the masses. We’ll be adding paid positions as appropriate and will be creating a new Board of Medical/Healing Experts to define the standards of care based on real science and healing.

Make no mistake, we intend to completely replace the current defunct medical disease management system.

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